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Is the Timber being removed?
Yes all the timber is removed as standard, however should a situation arise where it is deemed to be detrimental to the property to remove some areas of timber, you will be informed prior to any work being carried out

Is the sarking felt being replaced?
Yes, all sarking felt is replaced using dedicated PVC sarking trays or high tensile DPC rubberised membrane depending on tile type.

Is hollow soffit being used?
No. The vast majority of companies will use a hollow section soffit board in areas where there is a wide soffit.This is in order to save themselves money. SQUAREDEAL will not use hollow section soffit as it is an inferior product prone to brittleness.

Are any possible extras listed on my Quote?
Yes. SQUAREDEAL believe in being as open and honest with a customer as possible. At the quotation stage you will be informed of the exact cost of the work. Should we feel there is a possibility of extra work being required during the installation you will be informed of the cost of the extra work at the time of the original quotation, thus avoiding nasty hidden extras!

Are access requirements included in the quotation?
Yes. Squaredeal provide all its staff with HSE approved access equipment. In some cases scaffolding is required and the cost of this will be included in your original quotation.

Is all the rubbish removed from site?
Yes. It is SQUAREDEALS policy to leave the work site as clean as possible. All waste is removed and disposed of responsibly and all waste transfer notes are kept for inspection by the Environmental Health Agency

Do I need to have my phone line removed?
No. SQUAREDEAL can deal with all telephone cables

Is the work inspected on completion, prior to payment?
Yes. It is SQUAREDEALS policy to inspect every installation on completion prior to payment. This ensures consistent high standards from all of our installers. Should a fault be discovered during the inspection this will be rectified before any payment is expected.

Is a deposit charged?
No. SQUAREDEAL will not require any money until the work has been completed to our mutual satisfaction.

Do you provide a written specification?
Yes. A detailed specification is supplied with every quotation, containing technical details together with written details of all guarantees and lists of previous installations for you to view.

Is your work guaranteed?
Yes. All installations carried out by SQUAREDEAL carry an insurance underwritten ten year guarantee

Is SQUAREDEAL insured?
Yes. SQUAREDEAL carries both employers and public liability insurance to the value of £2000000 (copies available on request)